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welcome to namaste

At Namaste Yoga, we celebrate and teach both the physical practice and history of yoga, helping our students connect mind, body, breath, and spirit to bring balance to their lives.

We offer classes and workshops to students of all levels. Namaste is not a heated studio. We heat to 73 degrees year-round.

Your first class is FREE at our studio and you receive 25% off of your first class pass, good for all of our over 45+ classes at Namaste. We offer a warm, welcoming environment from the moment you step in our doors. Join us for a wonderful beginning to your practice, or to continue blossoming your current practice. Namaste!

upcoming events

    • Anvia will offer a Hibernation Meditation one Sunday evening per month beginning on February 3rd. Check class tab for details.
    • Chris Van Huysse offers RESTorative Yoga the first and third Fridays, 6-7:15PM each month beginning in February. Check the class tab for dates.
    • Beginner’s Workshop with Michele & Mary, Saturday, March 2nd, 1-3PM
    • Join Charlene Tyrrell for Prenatal Yoga, Labor & Delivery Couples workshop, February 23rd, 2-4PM, $35
    • Dave & Jolynn offer additional installments of Vin+Yin,$15 drop in or a class pass, Sunday, February 24th and March 24th, 4-6pm. This will replace the 5PM vinyasa flow those Sunday evenings.
    • Anvia offers Meditation: Training the Puppy, Part 2, on March 31st from 3-4:15PM, $20. Attendance in part 1 is not a prerequisite for this workshop.

Learn more and register for Classes or Workshops.

studio etiquette

Just a reminder, students should do their best to arrive 5 minutes prior to the start of class to avoid disrupting the experience of other students. Props and mats are here for your use! Namaste offers a peaceful environment in which to practice, we do our best to keep to our listed times, and we appreciate that you choose to share your time with us.

Remember, your first class is FREE and NEW students receive 25% off their first class pass.

See details on our Classes tab.

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