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At Namaste Yoga Studio, we celebrate the ancient practice of integrating the mind, body, breath, and spirit. The practice of yoga helps deepen self-understanding, develops strength and flexibility, and brings a sense of calm and balance to our hectic fast paced lives. We offer classes and workshops to students of all levels.


  • Kids Yoga Camps begin the week of June 13th! 9-13 year olds can practice on Mondays from 1-2PM, June 13, 20 & 27 and July 11, 18 & 25th. 4-8 year olds practice on Wednesdays from 1-2PM June 15, 22, & 29 and July 12, 20 & 27. Flyers at the desk! These are opposite classes with Christina & Ashleigh for the adults
  • Saturday, June 25th, Rowan Silverberg joins us for an all levels workshop. Got Bandhas? $20 early bird prior to the the 25th, $25 if purchased day of the workshop. The bandhas, or “yogic locks,” are internal movements that support yogic practices on both physical and energetic levels. In this workshop, suitable for students of all levels, you will have a chance to explore the use of mula bandha, generated by the muscles of the pelvic floor, uddiyana bandha, activated by the lower abdominal muscles, and jalandhara bandha, located in the area of the throat and upper chest. You will experience how engaging the bandhas affects:
    -the flow of energy in your body
    -your capacity for concentration
    -physical strength and stability
  • Thursday, June 30th, 7-8:15PM Join us for Shooting Stars, Vin & Yin with Lisa & Kris and guest musician Zach Freidhof. June 30th is shooting stars watch day!

Learn more and register for Classes or Workshops.


Rowan Silverberg will return for a 2nd workshop on Saturday, August 27th, 2016. For those of you who joined us for her workshop on June 25th, Rowan will touch on the Bandhas again and continue that learning with a beginning dharma talk, pranayama, a one hour asana practice, savasana and pranayama/meditation at the end. Rowan is a gifted instructor and we are blessed to have her with us again! Watch for details on our Workshops tab.


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