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At Namaste Yoga Studio, we celebrate the ancient practice of integrating the mind, body, breath, and spirit. The practice of yoga helps deepen self-understanding, develops strength and flexibility, and brings a sense of calm and balance to our hectic fast paced lives. We offer classes and workshops to students of all levels. Namaste is not a heated studio. We heat to 74 degrees year-round. Your first class is FREE at our studio and you receive 25% off of your first class pass, good for all of our over 45+ classes at Namaste. We offer a warm, welcoming environment from the moment you step in our doors. Join us for a wonderful beginning to your practice, or to continue blossoming your current practice. Namaste!


  • Veteran’s Gratitude Project, Donation class for Veteran’s Yoga Project Sunday, November 12th, 2-3PM with Kathy & Jolynn
  • Holiday Open House FREE yoga from 5-7:30PM, join us for yoga, food, drink, and cheer until 9:30PM

Learn more and register for Classes or Workshops.


Lisa Meranti & Michael Bleich target athletes in their classes at 7AM on Friday mornings and at 10:30AM on Sunday mornings. Join Lisa & Michael to keep your body flexible, fit, and in top shape this winter!

Remember, your first class is FREE and new students receive 25% off their first class pass.

See details on our Classes tab.

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