Chasing Happiness

by Bethanie Jones

I found myself chasing happiness today .You know what I mean, the kind of “I just need one more thing to be happy” sort of thoughts. The self deprecating ones, the ones that tell me I’m not enough.  “If only I had more money, lost those last few pounds, had a nicer car, or if I was eating a piece of birthday cake right now, I could be happy. I’ll be happy when the work day is done, when my chores are finished or if I add that fabulous pair of $90 yoga pants to my collection”

All of these things I must do and then I’ll finally find my happiness.

In today’s world doing is what we do. We seek, and accumulate and consume more and more. Once we’ve accumulated a plethora of things, we then wish for the good ole days when we didn’t have so much and things were simple! It’s an ever swirling witch’s cauldron of hocus pocus. We somehow believe acquiring things outside of ourselves will be what brings us everlasting happiness even though we know all of these things are temporary objects. How can something temporary provide everlasting happiness?

We sometimes forget that happiness is generated from within. Happiness is nothing more than how we choose to perceive things. It is simply always finding something to be grateful for. It doesn’t come when all of our outside conditions are met. It comes when we choose it. It comes when we slow down and see that the world always provides us with enough, and it consistently always has. In fact, it is constantly throwing the most glorious of miracles our way; the birth of new babies, the colorful outburst of fall foliage and the soft falling of leaves, the light sweetness of a warm cup of tea in cozy knitted socks.

Each day we wake to the sun rising, and fall asleep to its setting. We are blessed with enough food to nourish our bodies and a bed to sleep in. We are blessed with the gift of a yoga practice, blessed with family and friends, and we are blessed to have a body that allows us to experience all this wondrous planet has to offer. Simply being alive is the biggest blessing of all.

So when you find yourself chasing happiness, remember, it is in fact chasing you.

Chasing Happiness