When life is crazy, that’s when we need yoga the most!

by Bethanie Jones

Life comes at you fast man.

Your dog gets sick, so does the baby, grandma flies into town and your mother in law’s all over you. You can’t catch a break at work, there’s not enough hours in the day and if that alarm goes off one more stinkin’ time you may just self implode. Your hubby’s being a grump, your back hurts and all you want to do this time of year is sleep-but you can’t because you’ve got to get ready for the holidays and give, give, give. I mean geez, can we get a second? Like one?

It’s hard sometimes to catch your breath, but it’s in times like these that we absolutely must.

The first thing we all want to do when life gets hard is cut out the extras, and to some of us, yoga is an extra. Focusing on our breath and being present is an extra. How can we possibly get on our mats with all of this GOING ON!?

Well my friend, it is precisely because of those things that we should and here’s why.

Yoga allows us to slow down and see what’s really going on inside of us. We get to go to a place that has no rules, expectations or social norms. We get to go to a place that is just what we make it. A place where the future and the past don’t exist, we get to return to the sweet here and now.

It’s an opportunity to ask, are we taking care of ourselves properly?  Are we getting enough sleep? How are we really feeling emotionally? Are we being kind to ourselves? Are we living authentically? What really matters to us in this life?

Yoga is a gauge for checking in and retuning.

It fuels us to think clearly and rationally. It helps us detach from our ever changing emotions. It provides a much needed opportunity to step back and realize that “this too shall pass” or perhaps, it already has and it’s time to consider letting it go. It begs us to consider, where are we now?

It teaches us not to sweat the small stuff, work through the big stuff, and be more available to those we care about. Yoga helps us feel our bodies in such a way, that we are prompted to take care of them. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never come to my mat and regretted it.

It’s easy to put yoga and the relationship you have with yourself on the back burner, but like every relationship- it requires loving kindness and attention. Being the best version of yourself will always be the greatest gift you can give.

Committing to our practice doesn’t change what’s happening in the world, it changes what’s happening in us.

Bethanie Jones

When life is crazy, that’s when we need yoga the most!