Carry On My Wayward Son

By Bethanie Jones

We talk about the breath a lot in yoga. We watch it, we don’t judge it, sometimes we forget to do it when things get tough and sometimes it’s completely peaceful and at ease. We learn through yoga that by controlling our breath we can slowly learn to control our minds. We can, even if for just a second, stop the mind chatter and feel free.

But what about those moments when something takes your breath away? When you are filled with so much surprise and admiration all at once that you simply cant breathe. When happiness fills your being so much that one more inhale would just put you right over the edge. What then is the breath trying to teach us?

I think too often we float around in this world not being present. We talk to friends and family and maybe we aren’t always really hearing them. We don’t notice the softness in their eyes or the gentle way their lips touch when they speak. We don’t stop to think how much we love them, and how being close to another person is what life’s all about. The weather changes everyday, and we cycle through morning to night. We grow older and so do our children. Every second of every day things are changing right before our eyes, and we are missing it.

We are living on autopilot and letting life’s miracles just pass on by. We are taking these beautiful wondrous things for granted. We are seeking more when what we already have is enough.  Our lives are so full of joy and magic already. We just need to train ourselves to see above the noise and confusion.

In the rare moments that life takes your breath away listen to it.

It is our body and our soul working in tandem, telling us to wake up and break back into living. This swirl of emotion reminds us that we can still in fact feel. Even if it has been years since we’ve done so. We weren’t given this beautiful palate of emotion to paint a dull photo.

These moments in life are meant to change us.

Let them.

Surely heaven waits for you.


Carry On My Wayward Son

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