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By: Jolynn McFerren

Why do I teach kids yoga? Well, I have three children and it was convenient to bring them with me when I first began teaching yoga. It’s also extremely playful and children are much less inhibited than adults—willing to experiment and be silly and have fun, thus making the art of teaching kids yoga way more fun. Beyond that, I have a million reasons to teach kids yoga and here are a few…

  1. I have practiced yoga for 27 years myself, and wish I would have started earlier! This is a gift to give our future generations.
  2. Being aware of the breath is HUGE for kids! It helps them to calm their minds and their bodies at home, school, and relationships.
  3. As children become more and more involved in sports, clubs, and groups, their stress level grows. Yoga is an antidote to stress. It teaches children how to manage situations that bring them stress.
  4. Yoga helps cut down on injuries due to high impact sports. Just ask LeBron James or Kevin Love who are regular practitioners of yoga and meditation.
  5. Yoga teaches our children how to take care of their bodies, how to be quiet and listen to what their mind, body, and spirit really needs. No technology required.

I will take any opportunity to bring yoga to youth! Recently I participated in a health fair at St. Barnabas School in Northfield Center, Ohio, and taught 12 classes to students ranging from Kindergarten to 8th grade. Here is some feedback from the coordinator of the program, Heather Weyls:

“We have a Health and Wellness fair at St. Barnabas every other year, and have invited Namaste Yoga Studio and Jolynn to participate for the last 2 fairs.  We know the importance of whole body health, and yoga provides so many valuable benefits for our students!  Not only do they get to move in ways they may not usually move, but it helps to make them more aware of their own bodies abilities and limitations.  We love how Jolynn helps them to slow down, breathe and reduce some of their stress.  Our hope is that this short introduction to yoga opens the students up to exploring more ways to be healthy as they grow up and life gets a little more challenging!

The students report the yoga session to be one of their favorites.  They are always so eager to make sure their class gets to participate in the yoga sessions during our one day event.  We wish we had time for her to see every class in the school!!

We really appreciate that Jolynn takes the time to spend with us and our students for a full day!  We hope she gets out of it even a fraction of what our students gain!”

And I do 🙂

Thanks to Brendan Preisel, a St. Barnabas student, for contributing his artwork to this blogpost.

YES to Yoga for Kids

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