The Winds of Change

By: Bethanie Jones

Have you ever had one of those moments when something finally just clicked? When all of a sudden, for no reason at all, the stars felt aligned and your world just became different? You felt brave and supported and powerful? You decided to finally let go of that toxic person that kept you stagnant, or quit that job that was no longer serving you, or perhaps, you were so brave, you moved to another city on a whim and decided to pursue your personal legend?

Sometimes though, on the contrary, these same moments of transition come to us as a failure or a significant loss that knocks us from our present reality. Maybe it’s experiencing a divorce, a job termination, a bankruptcy, or perhaps we attend someone’s funeral we weren’t quite ready to see cross over. The truth is, whether we chose the transition point or not, it stands before us and what we choose to make of it is just that-A CHOICE.

Whether our insides feels bright with bravery and boldness or deep and dark with despair, we look to the universe to guide us and support us and to help us find our way. The universe is here for us in both good times and in bad and even if it may not feel that way at times, we are always being guided. Change is change, whether we asked for it or not. It’s times like these when we may yearn for the past or cling to the hopes of a new future because just being here now in this moment can be pretty unsettling. What is to become of me? Where am I headed? Who am I? What have I done? These thoughts race through us, and take us away from the present moment, and we feel lost…

Right now, the wind is moving ever so slightly through the few leaves left on the trees.  I can see them sweetly dancing and swaying as I type, looking through my window. Go to one yourself and take a look, or step outside. If I silence myself enough, I can feel the stillness of their strong trunks and the calm in their immobility. I can feel the breeze on my skin and the sunshine on my face. I can close my eyes, relax my shoulders and breathe in deeply, feeling the coolness of the air entering my nose and filling my lungs. I hold it inside of me for a brief second, and I notice I feel full and at ease. Slowly exhaling, softly opening my eyes, with a slight smile on my face, I am back now to the stillness of the trees.

I am here, now.

In this moment, I have all that I need.

In this moment, I am still.

In this moment, I am safe.

In this moment, I am ok.

It is in our stillness, that we find our way and we find our strength. It is from our place of stillness that we rise and we can see clearly. When we find ourselves, scared or anxious, doubting ourselves or in a place of despair, just acknowledge it. Find a window or step outside, and take a moment. Find your breath, look to the trees and close your eyes.

When you open them, you will find that, this is all you need. You will find that, within your very breath, you have the power to change everything. The winds are blowing in your favor, my friend.

The Winds of Change