Leap of Faith

By Bethanie Jones

New Year, new you? What about New Year, same you? Or New Year, who cares because you aren’t going to stick to it anyways? This time of year can be interesting, it’s a time of reflection and hope for most people. It can also be a time of self-deprecation or a reminder of how we’ve failed in the past, or how we still aren’t where we would like to be in our lives. It’s the one time of year when we actually become self-reflective and evaluate things. In fact, this is a great opportunity most of us don’t take seriously enough. We begin making plans to better our lives and ourselves and we have the best of intentions. Why then, after all the inner turmoil to “come up with a resolution” that come March, most of us have fallen off the wagon and have resorted back to our old ways?

I’ll tell you why. It is because we don’t actually mean it and because we aren’t willing to put in the hard work. That’s right, I’ve said it.

We all want that summer body but we aren’t willing to eat salad, remove bread and processed foods from our diets or take proper care of ourselves. We want that raise at work but we don’t want the additional responsibilities or the lifestyle sacrifices it takes to move up the ladder. We want our marriages to be better, but we get stuck in the same ruts and we play it safe. We want to do what’s best for our kids, but we find ourselves feeling too tired to change the routine. We continually follow the path of least resistance. We want to get into that coveted handstand pose, but we let fear paralyze us and we don’t work on pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones enough in order to build our strength to do so. Most of us simply don’t even try. We want, want, want, but we just can’t manage to follow through.

I once had a spiritual teacher tell me that when the unknown becomes a better option than the known, that’s when you will know that you are ready for change. That statement has stuck with me for quite some time, and it’s allowed me to be kind to myself and trust my own judgment. I will know when I know, and if I don’t know now, then it is not yet time.

This year, my wish for you all is to find a place of clarity. May you “know” sooner than later, and may you feel confident in whatever direction you take. May you have a messy 2018. May you be brave enough to make mistakes, and may you go out on a limb and try. Failing is evidence of an attempt, and that is where the learning and the growing begins. The longest journeys all begin with just a single step. I hope you take that step. I hope the next time you get the opportunity to try that sought after yoga pose in class, that you do! I hope that things begin to change for you, and I hope that you notice when you are making decisions out of fear, and you stop yourself and replace that fear with faith. I hope that you start to believe that things do work out in the end and that while sometimes it is hard to see the forest for the trees, there is a plan. All you have to do is listen to the signs that the universe sends you, (there are more than you might think if you pay close attention) have faith in your heart, and make that leap of faith.

Leap of Faith

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