The Miracle Morning

by Jolynn McFerren

I am so grateful for the time and energy that our yoga teacher trainees have put into their final  presentations. We have gained so much knowledge as a group already about topics like ADHD, Yoga for Recovery, Chair Yoga for seniors, Heart Healthy Yoga, and Yoga and Nutrition. In last year’s session, one of our teacher trainees was all about The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, and even though I do meditation and yoga in some dose every morning, it was refreshing to hear this perspective and I added journaling, visualization, reading, and affirmations to my daily routine. I was diligent about it for a while, but then I fell off the wagon, still keeping the journaling piece, but letting go of the others. After hearing about The Miracle Morning again this week in one of our presentations, I vowed to return to the full routine and give myself an increased amount of time every morning. Hal Elrod focuses on 6 items to start your day (SAVERS)

Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, Scribing

I confess that an incident with my 15-year-old daughter prompted my return to this process. After a heated conversation with her on a Monday evening with some not-so-nice words coming out of my mouth, I renewed my vow to return to The Miracle Morning in its fullness. My affirmations (and visualizations) for the next day were: I am calm. I am loving. I am pure. It was a successful day and I was able to easily return to these three simple phrases whenever I felt stressed or unloving. I kept these three phrases through the week and weekend, and I’m so pleased with the results. A sane, happy mom is a good mom. Tomorrow is Monday and I may choose new phrases, or add to my affirmations for the week, but there is no doubt that this key part of my morning routine will be with me as I begin each day.

Having some time for yourself, whether it is Hal Elrod’s SAVERS, or something else that works for you, is vital! Take time for self-care this week. See you on your mat….

The Miracle Morning