What Can I Control?

by Jolynn McFerren

No, it isn’t January 1st. It’s social distancing, stay at home, SAFE at home quarantine from COVID-19. It’s the end of March, 2020, and I am obsessed with cleaning and decluttering as if it were the new year. I am watching renovation shows on HGTV WHILE I declutter. I am researching pinterest ideas and listening to decluttering podcasts while I walk outside or on the treadmill. I ordered small bins off of Amazon yesterday to organize a closet. Sigh.

One of my favorite shows is Tiny Houses. How amazing would it be to whittle down all of our belongings into a well-organized portable vacation home? Or something a little larger that we could settle into by a lake or the ocean or in the mountains? Everything in the tiny house has a place and a purpose. In the spirit of the yama of yoga, aparigraha (non-grasping), this all sounds very appealing. Unlikely as we have three children and two dogs, but appealing nonetheless.

Everyday we are recording classes, both prerecorded and livestream on Facebook, to share with our students. My yoga mat is a place of refuge and shelter for me. It’s my tiny house! I control where my arms and legs go (or listen to the voices of my teachers for guidance). I guide my breath, watch my mind as it races and quiets. My props all have a place and a purpose with me in the tiny house called a yoga mat. 

As we move off of our mats in this uncertain time, there isn’t a lot over which we have control, but coming home to ourselves through our yoga and meditation practices, offers us some rest from the clutter and chaos surrounding us in this moment. Such a blessing.

What Can I Control?