We Are What We Eat

by Ceca Sarkissian

So far during this journey of staying home, we have taken time to cook delicious food, both healthy (thanks to Michael Symon’s new cookbook) and indulgent (thanks to Pinterest and a Kitchenaid mixer). We come together in the kitchen, and to share at the table because that is OUR place as a family and that is where we chat, laugh, listen, and love.

This is one of the greatest gifts that I ever received from my family growing up and continues now into adulthood and passing along to my family. So many moments happened around dining room tables or at kitchen counters and I hold them all very closely to my heart. These moments and the people in them helped shape me into the person I am today.

I am so grateful that my husband and kids have shared these moments and felt the joy that they bring. I am so grateful that even though we are not all physically together for our Sunday dinners or family gathering we are just a phone call away or a recipe sent via email. I am so grateful that even if we might be having a crappy moment, when we get to the table we are able to let go, even if just for a minute, and come to a better place.

I know not everyone has or had this type of situation and that I am very lucky to have these moments that helped create my life.

I hope you know that you can create these moments for yourself even if you are by yourself. Find a recipe you love or use the one below that I am sharing. If you are with people, cook together and work together, if you are by yourself cook your heart out, play some music too (motown never disappoints)! Smell the smells, taste as you go, and let all of your senses come alive! Once your masterpiece is created, sit at a table with no tv or phone nearby (THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT) and enjoy what is in front of you, whether it is a beautiful plate of food or beautiful people or both.

Remember, we are what we eat, fill your belly, heart, and thoughts with yummy goodness and compassion

We Are What We Eat