Which Class Is Right for Me?

by Jolynn McFerren

How do I choose?

Namaste Yoga has a variety of classes for ages 5-105! (Yes, really.) Namaste Yoga Studio cultivates a community of love, light & wellness, offering excellent and compassionate yoga instruction for all ages and levels of student. So, if you are new to our studio, how do you choose the classes that are right for you?

Let’s start with our beginners. Namaste has a few class types that will suit you perfectly, and accommodate those of us that want to slow down our practice and our lives.

Slow It Down

Adaptive/chair yoga: This practice uses chairs and props to accommodate those who have injuries or may have have arthritis or joint issues that prohibit getting up and down off the floor. And yes, you will still get poses that build strength and encourage flexibility in your body.

Healthy Aging Flow: Much like adaptive yoga, this is for everyBODY, and yes, we are ALL aging, so it is appropriate for all ages. More gentle flows are incorporated into this practice, but chairs can also be used, as can the wall and all of the props. Equanimity, immunity, balance, and strength are some of the areas of focus for this class.

Slow Stretch and Slow Flow: These two classes are slow as the title states. Stretch keeps you on the earth a little more than the flow does and poses are held a little longer. Flow allows you to move more, but at a slow pace where you are able to breathe into a pose for 3 or more breaths.

Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga: Yin Yoga uses the props and incorporates long holds to deeply relax and create shifts in the physical body. This can be a very calming and meditative practice for many, and it can be challenging for some, such as athletes with tightness. Restorative Yoga uses the props as well to move your body into relaxing shapes where “rest and digest” can truly happen.

Meditation & Yoga Nidra: This class is appropriate for all levels. Begin with easy stretches, pranayama (breath work) and meditation ending with yoga nidra—translated as yogic sleep. A perfect hour of asana, pranayama, and relaxation to complete your day.

All Levels Classes

Have you been practicing for 6 months or more and want something that might challenge you in some way? All levels flow or all levels for athletes is a perfect place for you! Instructors offer variations for students who have been practicing for a short time and will include options for even advanced students.

Need a Challenge?

And there are some who want to breathe, and move, and dare I say SWEAT? Classes like challenge flow, vin+yin, and warm power flow will get you there. Instructors will challenge you physically in a mindful way through long holds, balance, inversions, strong flows, and more.

Did You Say Barre?

What is Barre? If you’ve never experienced a barre class, Namaste’s offerings are unique. We combine barre (ballet, pilates, yoga, etc) with stretch, strength, and flow to create class offerings that are accessible for all—but will challenge you in a different way than yoga does! Barre is a wonderful complement to your yoga practice.

Unique to Namaste

Beyond these classes, we have kids yoga for ages 5-12 (move, breathe, play games, and have fun learning the practice of yoga!), tai chi (slow, meditative movement taught by Ed Niam and a great way to build strength, flexibility and balance in all students), and prayerful flow (begins and ends with scripture, incorporates gentle yoga, a beautiful way to begin your Sunday).

As always, your first class is FREE for any of these offerings and we encourage you to try a variety of teachers as you get to know Namaste Yoga. Ask questions and find the classes that are right for you! Welcome to your practice.

Which Class Is Right for Me?